Friday, January 30, 2009


Again, I'm just so damned pleased with my blog. I don't think I've felt this way since I finally figured out how to keep my newborn son's pee in the diaper. (Strategic wing-wang placement, incidentally.) I still don't think anyone but me is reading it, but I've figured out that I don't mind so much. Yet.

Today I'm giddy about the National Geographic POD. (It took me WAY too long to figure that abbreviation out yesterday.) It's a photo of an alligator in the everglades, just down the road, you know. I think that's a good sign. Second day on the blogging wagon and already a vote of confidence from the local reptiles.

I do this. I take encouragement from ridiculous happenings and coincidences (Blasphemy! It's Meant to Be!) I also revel in silver linings, minuscule though they may be. For instance, if I mistakenly get a Sprite instead of my coveted Diet Coke in a drive-thru line, I will mourn the loss of the Diet and stick the Sprite in the fridge. Later when one of my kids throws up in the middle of the floor of my galley kitchen (speaking of minuscule), I'll reach in and triumphantly pull out the Sprite to settle his or her belly. I'll tell everyone that I know about the good fortune of a mis-delivered beverage. I'll secretly take it as a sign that God/the Fates/the Kennedys are on my side.

So shine on, Sunshine State! I'm going to need all the help I can get!

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