Monday, February 2, 2009

Facebook's Epidemic: The 25 Interesting Things List

I finally joined the masses on Facebook. I know, it's been a big week for me. Within 15 minutes of being officially registered, I was "poked," "tagged," and in other sexual sounding words prompted to make the 25 Interesting Things About Myself list. I will admit that it took me a LONG time. By #13, I was pretty well out of ideas. I could think of loads of interesting things about other people that I tried to claim. For example, "#14. Dawn speaks fluent Portuguese and passable Spanish." No, delete. That's not about me. "#14. My mom had 2 sets of wisdom teeth." Not only is that not about me, but I already had a dental entry and thought better of making this about my mouth. I battled through it. I'll admit that by the time I got to #24, I could taste the end of the project and hastily added #25 as my abhorrence of raisins. I don't think that is very interesting. Later I thought that I should have said that I drool in my sleep. A lot. And it smells exactly like my 2 year-old's drool. But here is the list in near-original form.

1. My favorite song is "Me and Bobby McGee." I prefer Willie Nelson's rendition to Janis Joplin's. I'm also up for a Willie Nelson fan club meeting anytime anyone wants to sit around and sing off key with me.

2. I have a tattoo of the rising sun on my back. I got it 7 years before I met Dawn.

3. I dabble in writing poetry and children's stories.

4. I tended bar for a LONG time. I was pretty great at it.

5. Between me and Dawn we've been to every continent except Africa and Antarctica; and Dawn hasn't given up hope. I'm sure we'll get to Africa, but Antarctica seems a long shot to me.

6. We make Windchimes and Suncatchers but only randomly keep up the website. You may be able to see some on We'll be doing the local festivals this spring.

7. I had a fall down a flight of stairs when I was in high school. I tore all of the muscles in my back. I'm pretty much a mess now. So don't call me when you need help moving.

8. My great-grandmother was a Choctaw. I look it, right? The only people that ever guess are dentists, because I have an extra cusp on my back teeth. It's a Native American trait.

9. I'm a vegetarian. I've flirted with vegetarianism for years and finally took the plunge after I saw a documentary on illegal fishing practices. The slaughter of sharks, turtles and whales is abominable.

10. I'm as much an expert on sharks as one who doesn't have a degree in Marine Biology can be.

11. I got sent home from work the day that Johnny Cash died because I cussed out my assistant for going on and on about John Ritter who died the same day.

12. I love junking - garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, rich people's garbage. If
you live in East Hill, you may have seen me rummaging. Your neighborhood has GREAT trash!

13. I'm NOT superstitious, at all.

14. I've gotten exponentially more liberal. In 2000, I voted for Bush. In 2004, for Kerry. In 2008, for Edwards and even he was a little too right for me.

15. I'm 3 years into a complete boycott of Wal-Mart.

16. I don't eat at Chik-Fil-A because their Kids Meals are sponsored by Focus on the Family. Ironically, I think that the Rev. Lou Dobson may be the Anti-Christ.

17. Only 2 times in about 4 years have I worn a pair of shoes that wasn't Crocs - my sons' Christenings.

18. I'm an eBay addict.

19. I have a signed copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, my favorite book.

20. I'm pretty sure I still know all the words to the movies Grease and Father of the Bride.

21. I didn't learn to ride a bike until 2 weeks before my 30th birthday.

22. My first car was a Full-Size Ford Bronco. It saved my life twice. At the time, it cost $40 to fill it up with Premium. When I had to sell it, I sat in the driveway with my head in my hands and sobbed as the new owner drove away.

23. To say that Yellow is my favorite color is an understatement. I am passionate about Yellow. It's not just that I prefer it, it's that I'm sure it's actually superior to other colors.

24. I finally quit smoking. It wasn't the pictures of crispy lungs or the pleadings of Dawn that got me. It was a report on NPR about the poison from cigarette butts getting into the ground water.

25. Other than the afore-mentioned dietary restrictions, I'll eat anything except raisins. I am vehemently opposed to raisins.


  1. I have to admit that I have been avoiding this 25 Random Things thing that has taken over facebook because it scares me - what if I'll have nothing interesting to say? However, your list is the 10th one I've read and again, so interesting! Thanks for sharing. Oh, yeah and I've been thinking about starting a blog myself but again, what if I don't have anything interesting to say? It turns out that we as human beings are much more interesting than we believe ourselves to be. Can hardly wait to see more...

  2. I've avoided facebook thus far.
    I'm too busy with my own blog, reading blogs, and finding new blogs to dare attempt to keep up with facebook. Besides, I'd rather not see what all my 1988 classmates look like now.

    Btw, welcome to the blogging world!