Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring has come to Florida!

67 degrees, sunny now with thunderstorms in the forecast for this afternoon! I kicked the kids outside before 8:30 and got in the shower to get my legs ready for their yearly debut. It quickly became obvious that I didn't have the proper hair-removal tool. The Venus razor was good for cutting down the foliage. The Gillette did pretty well with the stalks and stems. And finally, the good old pink plastic bic finished off the stubborn stubble. What I needed was a bush hog.

Time out for humor that non-southerners may not get. My mom was a doctor in Mississippi. She was working in the ER when a new director from Michigan came on board. On his first day, a nurse came running in saying that they were all needed in trauma. As they all rushed down the hall the nurse told them the patient was a man who had been run down by a bush hog. When the director saw the patient's injuries, he said, "What the hell kind of animal is this?"

My freshly shucked legs are sporting new capris from the end of the season sale last year and my shirt only has one small hole in it! My springtime uniform!

Ahhh . . . I love the smell of bug repellant in the morning!


  1. you use bug repellant for an after shaving lotion?

  2. Hell, yes! I'm terrified of West Nile. My sister and dad had it at different times so I'm just sure that my blood is somehow vulnerable to it.

  3. oh, well then, slap on the bug juice

  4. Ok, I'm a non-southerner and I only learned of bush hogs back in 2000. And collard greens. I have been able to teach some southerners about pasties and s'mores, though, so it's even stevens.