Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dixie's Babies

So there's this lady, no she's not a lady, she's an angel. Her name is Dixie. She was on a church mission to Haiti years and years ago and didn't leave. She has started and continued to run God's Littlest Angels Orphanage in the mountains there.

I first saw her on TLC's Adoption Story about 7 years ago. A family from Edmonton was traveling to Haiti to get their son, Brian. The mother said that Dixie had sent them several profiles of children in need of a family, and when she saw Brian her heart lit up. "That's my son. That's my boy."

The adoptive mother and father flew to Haiti and spent several days on site with Brian. Dixie seemed ever present. She arranged for the adoptive family to meet Brian's much older biological sister. It was amazing to see the love that she had for her baby brother and the joy and hope that she had for his future.

The new family flew back to Canada. They dressed Brian in a snow suit on the plane. There was a most priceless clip of Brian standing in the cold night watching the snow come down. Without looking at her, he reached up and took his mother's hand.

I haven't been able to get Brian or his mother and father or Dixie or any of the other children there out of my head. Out of my heart.

Dixie has a blog that's well worth the read. She has a life that's well worth the upper echelons of Heaven.

If you are searching for something to put your positive energy or dollars towards, please click on either link and help Dixie help so many.



  1. Jesus, Windy. I was just thinking that there are gonna be a lot of orphans...

    Havin a fantasy about another kid... or two

  2. We should talk, Michelle. Email me.

  3. I'm clicking on the donate button RIGHT NOW.