Saturday, January 16, 2010

"My Butt Grow!"

Ray is skinny, super skinny. He's 3 and wears a 3T shirt which is expected. But he wears 18 month pants because his waist hasn't caught up to his legs, which is to say that he has been wearing capris and long socks all winter.

Several months ago for reasons unknown to me, my aunt Mimi got Ray to eat by telling him that it would make his butt grow. He is totally taken with this notion.

He talks about his butt all the time. Before dinner, during dinner, and especially afterward when he has us examine his butt to see if it did indeed grow. If his pants fall down, he says he needs to eat to make his butt grow. If someone tells him that he's gotten so big, he turns around and shows them his butt. "My butt grow!"

I know this picture is terribly blurry, but his pants! How hilarious is this? :)


  1. My oldest and youngest are the same way. Impossible to find pants that fit in the waist and come anywhere close to their ankles.


    cute butt

  2. Too funny. His pants are hilarious.

    Emily would like to shrink instead of grow, because then she wouldn't be the tallest kid in her class anymore.

  3. LMAO, at least he isn't talking about his mustache. just sayin.

  4. short pants + long socks. ha! I love it!

  5. this is exactly what I needed after my night at work..i love hearing about your kids :)

  6. He can have some of my butt. I love little boys they are so cute and fun. I miss my little boy. Oh nothing sad he is just 18 now, just not little anymore.

  7. Agreed with Camlin, my daughter would love to shrink as well, since she's been the tallest in her grade since she started school. Keep writing the stories :-)