Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things You Can Accomplish While Stuck in a Bed for 3 Days and I'm Not Done Yet!

1. You can overhaul the way your child's classroom orders books.

2. You can read at least 1000 pages of well, anything. I read some adult fiction (not mature fiction, Dawg), some non-fiction on the Bronx Zoo, some young adult fiction b/c I ran out of adult fiction, and some old fliers from the school that I found on the floor.

3. You can register to take the Mensa test. You can take as many practice tests as your virus-infected brain can stand.

4. You can shop and shop and shop until you know exactly what to convince your kids to want for Christmas. Then you can write to interested parties with links to all of the items.

5. You can perfect your dream queue on Netflix.

Ready for my favorite?

6. You can be ordained by the Universal Life Church and be completely legal to officiate weddings, funerals and baptisms.

True story - I can absolve you of sin and perform exorcisms, too! Who's first?

What could I possibly get into tomorrow?



  1. Wow that is a lot to accomplish. I hope you get well soon

  2. so when we can finally get married you can do our service.get well soon or who knows what you will get into.

  3. hahah!! never been here before but loved this post...

  4. Thank God you are not wasting your time being sick and doing something crazy like sleeping.

  5. Small Town - That was the plan. And I would be honored!

    Les - I'll see you in Californication. We'll take care of everything.

    Maggie May - Glad you stopped by. Please come again. There's always something amiss to giggle about.

    Ms. Moon - I don't feel sleepy. I feel great until I move or eat or drink. Then I feel horrible. I'm so bored and so hungry!

  6. We all know what I need help with....LMAO

    Californication.... I like that. I like that alot.

    By the end of the trip, I'll need some serious spiritual counseling.

  7. lmao... hope you are feeling better butthead.

  8. So it's not swine flu?

    I'm such a huge fan I managed to add myself twice to your followers.. and twice to Propane Amy's. Now I know you'd like to be greeted twice by my smiley face, but it does look a little weird.. Help!

  9. So where are you off to for your first Annual Refocksa Rocks? SD = ?

  10. Aneke - San Diego. I'll tell you more about it somewhere else.
    No, I don't think it's swine flu. I think it's Viral Meningitis. Hopefully, today will be my last day in quaratine:)

  11. Can you do long-distance psychic exorcisms?

    Meningitis -that sounds terrible! Feel better soon!

  12. that last part about absolving sins and performing exorcisms...Where were you a few days ago when I was all bent about my eternal soul!?!?! lmao....and *no* I was not smokin a joint--that was my past sneakin up behind me just to remind me how much it messed with my mind.....
    glad you're feeling a litte better :)

  13. Ha! Hope you're feeling better!

  14. HMmm absolve me of my sins huh.....well you do have all day so lets get started....

  15. You're hired!! I'll fire my assistant today.

  16. Overachiever. When I'm sick, I generally sleep or just drive anyone around me crazy.

    And I'd ask you to hear my confession and absolve my sins, but I don't think we have that kind of time.

  17. Ugh...Busy girl, I'm never busy when sick. I hope you recover soon.