Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You're Not Sick of Beach Pictures, Are You?

Super Cool Jellyfish

Super Cool Mom

Super Cool William Surfing the Perfect Wave

Faith Diving for Super Cool Shells

Super Cool

Super Cool Chick Thinks She's Super Funny

Super Cool Googles

We Thought This Guy Was Super Cool, Too.

I'm Never Going to Get Tired of These Pictures.


  1. I heart you two and am glad someone is as sick in love as G and I are!!!!!!! great pics as usual!

  2. I love your super cool pics! What a funky looking jelly fish. Must be blueberry flavor.

  3. It looks like so much fun! I love the beach... that's why I moved to Florida!

  4. HEY!! Get your hands off my wife!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I miss you guys!!

  5. How could I ever get tired of the beach pictures...I was there with all of you! Brings back the best memories.

    22 on 9.9.9 how fkn cool is that!

  6. I'm with Rocket, I love seeing other women who are as happy as J and I. Love that last one, you should frame it

  7. Awesome pics. Super cool chicks!

  8. love them all.
    the one of faith is darling. great shot, mamas.
    and the last one if my fave.
    super love.

  9. Hmmm. Looks like a great place for four kids with Two Moms to live! ;)

    We never tire of the photos either, Sweetie.

  10. You two are adorable!!
    Very cool jelly fish. Cute kids.
    Total package hey!

  11. Love the jelly fish picture, you all are so cute, loving the pictures, never tired of them!