Friday, June 12, 2009

My 100th Post - Ode to Dawg

As part of my New Year's Revolution, I started this blog. I had no idea what to write or who would read it or how long I would keep it up. Honestly, I also had no idea what I was going to write about or what might come of it.

My first profile said that I wanted to be discovered as one of the great comic voices of our time. I wanted to be paid to write and published far and wide and become famous as a no non-sense kind of girl who, on a bad day overuses alliteration and justifiable poor punctuation.

On Thursday January 29th, I copied and pasted an article I had written weeks before into blogger. It took me an embarrassingly long time to do it. Later in the day, I posted another entry about how pleased I was with myself. And even later I posted a hilarious if disturbing exchange in which Faith taught me the most efficient way in which to dispose of our fish. Day 1 - I was hooked.

February - I posted and posted. I looked around a little, figured out that I could click on my own interests in my own profile and be directed to other bloggers that shared that interest. (I am a computer moron.) I wrote a little of this, a little of that. Family situations, political rants, witty anecdotes. I tried it all. Mid-month, someone took notice of my flailing attempts to get some attention. She became my first follower.

Dawg. Dawg. Wonderful Dawg. She left her first comment on February 12th. It was a post about Dawn breaking our unspoken agreement to stop shaving during the winter. Oh, the joy that cursed through my body at seeing the words "1 comment"! It was better than the vast majority of the sex that I had in my life prior to the year 2007. That goes to show what lesbianism can do for a floundering, lost soul.

Dawn freaked out. "Who is this person? Where is she? What is she smoking? (Remember Dawg's picture in the smoke haze? There was what looked like a door with tempered glass in the top half behind her. It always made me think of "Smokin' in the Boys' Room.") What does she write about? Oh! My! God! Becca! She's like a real Dyke! Oh my God!" I reminded Dawn that she was the one that had encouraged the writing. She was the one that had encouraged the public profile. She was the one person that had supported me and wanted me to succeed in this ridiculous endevour. I reminded her that in order to become a writer that gets paid that people have to actually read what said writer writes. I reminded her that this was a good thing. She wasn't convinced. I think Dawg scared her a little.

5 months, 100 posts and 29 Followers later, Dawn has come around, and Dawg has stayed true-blue. She hardly ever misses a post. She gave me my first and only award. I found most of you by scouring her reading list. She has taught me A LOT about the lesbian community - either because she told us all about it or because I didn't understand what she was talking about and looked it up myself. Dawg - my virtual tour-guide to my new life, and my first Imaginary Friend.

In honor of my 100th post and of her friendship, I'll be making a donation in her name to Heifer International, (If you're not laughing right now, take a deep breath, release the furrow in your forehead and the tension in your shoulders. 'Cause that's just funny - I don't care who you are.) an organization that gives livestock and husbandry training to impoversished women around the world. The women are then charged with passing on the gift by giving offspring to their neighbors and teaching their sisters and daughters what they were taught. I'll also be sending her a little gift in appreciation for her regular attention and continued urging down this road-less-traveled.

Thanks, Dawg.



  1. how sweet is that! happy 100! here's to many more lovely posts!

  2. This is the most awesome post I've read on blogger lately. I'm sure Dawg will just love the recognition. I love reading your posts, so don't stop!!

  3. That is beautiful. And here's to 10,000 more posts!

  4. Heifer International is a great organization. Quite a tribute to Dawg.

  5. What an amazing 100th post, lady!
    Loving it.
    And your blog.
    So glad to be along for the ride :)

  6. I learned of this Charity Organization from Ellen. It is legit and working diligently to erradicate hunger (for one thing) in impoverished areas.

    What a great friend you are. And Dawg certainly deserves your friendship.

  7. I lost a follower in the night! Someone dumped me on my 100th post! It's about giving away cows, for the love of God!

  8. Cool beans! A friend gave the Wife and I the same present for our wedding, it's a wonderful cause. And good for Dawg for wanting you give a cow.
    "real dyke"...that was funny

  9. OMG!!! My own post!!!

    I'm grinning ear to ear :)

    Becca you are awesome in all ways possible. I love your writing, your stories, and your humor. *Big hugs*

  10. As for the follower who dumped you ... fuck em' ... I'll send 20 more your way :)

  11. Aloha! I hope you write 100 more 'cause I think you're pretty funny for a lesbian. Congrats!!!

  12. I'm so glad I found your blog. Or did you find mine? I don't know, but I love it and love reading it. Keep it going!


  14. oh how awesome is this..that little kid in the pic holding the chicken is adorable :) I know I haven't been reading for long, but I do love your style and your heart...I keep that email you wrote me about my vacation in my archive and read it every once in're a beautiful person :)

  15. Arrived via Dawg and loved this post - I totally remember that excitement of "being found" by some other reader out there - the total glee of someone I DIDN'T KNOW actually leaving a comment - actually, 4 years later, that still gives me a huge thrill. HA ha! Happy 100th!!