Thursday, June 25, 2009

The World According to Jude

I know, you're all dying to hear the scoop on Jude and R. Well I've got it; and I'm dishing! Ready? They're perfect. If I had met them individually, I would have loved them. But together, they're like a wink and a smile, peas and carrots, Gilbert and Sullivan.

Jude, in a word? Sweet. Guys, listen. Jude is very possibly the sweetest soul on this precious earth. She is gentle and soft-spoken. She tends to R with such attention! Always asking if she's OK or if she needs something. Jude obviously in word and deed adores R. (It occurs to me that I've made R sound like an invalid. She's not. Her toes are broken.)

About Equality, Jude is passionate without being a fanatic. She brings a cool head and vast knowledge of the law and the history of civil rights struggles, gay and otherwise. She's fighting the good fight with her words and her photos. With unrivaled resolve and stoicism, Jude too "has a dream."

R, for her part, dotes on Jude. With what's left of her Jersey Girl accent, she lovingly tells the good and the bad with brutal honesty, self-reflection that would make Freud proud, and always a casual but mindful hand on Jude's knee or shoulder. She watches her when she's any distance away, and smiles when Jude turns to come back. R has style, class, wit and brains. Nobody could fault Jude for being smitten.

They are a testament to love, the enduring blessing of forgiveness, and the promise of good things for good people. I feel wholly honored that they came all this way to peek in on us and the kiddies. We had a blast.


  1. LUCKY!

    I can't even comment because I'm so jealous. Lovely to hear about these ppl.

  2. Wow, sounds like a blast!

    I've said before, and here it bears witness: Hearts that are True recognize Each Other.

    good times.

  3. Isn't it wonderful when people you think you'll like turn out to be people you love?

  4. I seriously wish I was sitting there on that beach with you guys right now...I could really use a huge lesbian hug.. *sigh*

  5. Nice, glad to hear you guys had a great time!

  6. lovely lovely lovely!
    so glad you had the best of times!

  7. I can't wait until I meet Jude and R next year on my road trip.

  8. are too sweet for words.

    We had such a fantastic time with your family and know we'll be visiting again whenever we're in this hot and humid sunshine state.

    You all have a forever home in our hearts.

  9. Fuck this sweet shit, we want details!! LOL
    You ready for hottie and I to invade your world *evil grin*

  10. Yes, as a matter of fact. Don't you hear the beach calling?