Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Treasures from the Moon

I so love this notion that Ms. Moon put in my head, that I think I may make it a weekly post like Wordless Wednesdays or Dawg's Dislike Fridays. How's Thursday for you? Skipping this coming Thursday, of course.

Here's the disclaimer - I'm not going to include Dawn and the children in my lists. You all know how much I ADORE them and if I go ahead with this disclaimer then I won't feel that annoying pang of guilt every time I don't mention them and you guys won't have to vomit in your laps every Thursday which may lead to it being known as Throw Up Thursday which is not becoming in the least. Oh! And I'm limiting myself to a list of 12 today and 5 every Thursday hereafter. Skipping this coming Thursday, of course.

OK? Here goes.

Things that make me feel rich:

1. Our fabulous camera that we refer to as "the asset."

2. My poetry books by obscure authors.

3. Organic anything - especially fruit and soaps.

4. My grandmother's silver.

5. Going out on a date. At night. Without children.

6. My twice yearly haircut at the fancy salon.

7. Yearly Membership passes - for anywhere or anything.

8. New Crocs with carefully chosen Jibbitz.

9. Opening a good bottle of wine and pouring perfectly for Dawn who doesn't care.

10. Netflix

11. Buying a new pair of orange-handled scissors with which to cut whatever I want without irritation.

12. Dawn's collection of rocks, shells and trinkets from far and wide.


  1. Ms. Windy Days- I am honored. YOU make me feel rich.

  2. Great idea :)

    I've moved on from Crocs to Keens!

  3. Organic soap? I'll have to check out your poetry book collection to see if we have any that match. Loved #9.

  4. Dawn sounds like me collecting random rocks, shells and such!!! Love it. G just looks at me and shrugs... :)

  5. Dawg - I hear you, but I'm not THAT rich:)

    Jude - doubtful, but I'll love watching you make the WTF face!

    Shane - I adore her crap. Good thing because she's got a lot of it:)

  6. found you via solo! great idea, 11 calls to me, think i will take myself off, buy a new pair of orange handled scissors and feel rich this thursday.

  7. I don't have that much crap, do I?