Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday's Treasures - Caleb, Leslie and Mason

Dawn's friends came to town yesterday. I wasn't excited. Suffice it say that I've had trouble with Dawn's friends in the past. So yet another visit from people that I don't know and who haven't seen Dawn in 10 years but still call her their best friend wasn't my idea of Wonderful Wednesday. You know?

But these folks were AWESOME! Caleb is a fiction writer who hasn't written any fiction but does have a non-fiction book out called Star Wars Jesus (yes, he's a big dork.) Leslie is a painter, animal whisperer, beer-guzzler, Whitney Houston video appearing fabuloso. Mason is 7, VERY shy and obviously brilliant, of course. LOVE THEM! Keeping them. Forever.

Anybody want to go in with me to buy one of her paintings? We'll keep it at my house because it was my idea.

I love new friends, especially the kind that aren't much work, you know? We just all fell together and meshed really well - plenty to talk about, similar child-raising styles, complimentary drinking habits:) They live far enough away that the relationship stays fresh but close enough that it doesn't go stale.

So here's my list - I can only think of 4 today, I don't want to force a fifth.

1. Ice cold beer in bottles that have at least one word on them that I can't pronounce and don't know what it means.

2. Oysters on the half shell. And ordering a second dozen because friends are here and it's a celebration.

3. Talented friends who are google-able. That makes me feel rich AND important.

4. My aquariums - all 5 of them, but especially the biggun with 8 different kinds of tetras.


  1. wow- what is her website- that painting is spectacular. glad you had a good time-
    OHHHHH i love fish, i want to come and sit in front of your tanks for hours..... soothing. wanna trade dogs for fish....

  2. Rocket - There's a link. Just click on her name in my post.

    She is totally Amazing!

  3. Your riches make me feel rich.
    What a lovely painting.

  4. Awesome painting!!

  5. That painting is amazing! Love the pellegrino label in it :)
    Glad you actually enjoy these friends--always a bonus!

  6. Love the colors in that painting. And love oysters on the half shell. Yum