Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Black Death

I'm sick. Really sick. It feels like my spine is brittle and looks like my insides are mass exodusing my body. I'll let you figure that lovely image out.

The weird thing is that I'm so hungry. Last night Dawn brought me some crackers and a banana. I scarfed that down and demanded Lo Mein. She rolled her beautiful green peepers and brought me the leftovers. I ate that and wanted to die.

The timing is horrible. We have our biggest festival of the year this weekend and we need to be banging some new stuff out. Dawn got called in to work all week and now I'm laid up. So no progress is being made on junk chiming or laundry or dishes.

Oh, and there's always the 4 monkeys to take care of. I gotta go take a nap.


  1. Put a bag over your head ... none of us want you breathing your contagious grossness on us.

    Oh, and Feel Better hey!!

  2. Oh man, that sounds pretty bad. Get better, like now.