Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm back!

So much has happened since I last was able to post. I should begin by saying thank you for your patience and the outpouring of offers of violence. It was endearing, really. I believe the ghosts of relationships past have left the building, so the scary IP thing is gone. YEA!

Quick rundown of the past few days -

Thank you to Solo, Dawg, Lesbo and Jen for posting REAL pictures! I love seeing your beautiful faces instead of your wrist or foot or eerie darkened profile.

Don't forget to keep Solo, Shane and Kimber on your list of Good Vibe recipients.

Does anyone else miss Jude like a child misses their blanket?

I have a secret. I am keeping a massive secret from Dawn. Her birthday is Sunday. I wish I could tell you about it and get your help and advice, but alas, she loves me and supports me and reads my posts over and over again and marvels in my cleverness and good will and capacity for . . . I digress. I can't wait to tell you all about it next week!

Funny story to keep you shaking your head about my crazy house -
This morning I was checking my email while Dawn wrangled breakfast. I heard Faith ask for yogurt and Dawn open the fridge. Then I zoned out for a second. Then I heard Dawn explaining about expiration dates. Zone. Then I heard Dawn asking Faith to choose something else for breakfast. I assumed she was being picky about flavors. A while later Dawn said to me, "All that yogurt you bought was bad." I said, "What makes you say that?" She said, "It was all curdled and gross." I shook my head and rolled my eyes as I stared at the Brand New, perfectly good, Whipped yogurt in the trash can.


  1. LOL!

    Dam Fam eh?

    Speak in code to us about the birthday :)

  2. haha.. damn yogurt.

  3. I would've probably done the same thing. The whipped yogurt weirds me out a little. :)

  4. Hey so I have a quick question that I think you may be able to help me with. I have google analytics set up now for my blog to kind of check the traffic coming ... but is there a way to find out an IP addresses? This is mainly because I want to know if my ex is reading. Because if she is ... Ugh.

    And yay for me for getting a mention in your blog! I can't wait to hear about the birthday!!!

  5. yay for pictures in blogs!
    Glad to hear things are better in the blogging world!
    Return that yogurt! Ack. Hate when that happens!

    Damn you for beating my lazy butt to posting a word about the ladies who need the good vibrations. That was my mission for tonight since I apparently forgot last night.

    Welcome back! :)

  6. Thanks for the good vibes and great friendship, Windy!

  7. I was getting a bit worried there, glad things are ok again!!! Sending much love!!!

  8. thanks for the good vibes. i feel pretty good and all those vibes helped more than you could ever know. 100% agree about Jude.... welcome back:)