Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Shit!

I was just trying to figure out an excuse to not take Faith to school. (Storm is sick and William and Ray don't go on Tuesdays. It takes just short of an Act of Congress to get all 4 kids in the van; and I just wasn't feeling up to it.) I was running through my mental list of friends who would be willing to pick her up on their way to school when Faith ran past gagging. She managed to choke out, "The kitten pooped on me." She did throw up a little, out of disgust, but that's good enough for me.

By the way, the kitten is a she, not a he as we originally thought. And her name is Mao. Ray stutter-stepped behind her saying, "Mao. Mao. Mao. Mao." for 3 weeks or so and we have given in. Mao it is. Dawn and I enjoy referring to her as "The Chairman." I told you Nerdy Girls Make Me Hot.


  1. So little Mao saves the day.

  2. well hot damn! The kitten saves the day!

  3. I think I gagged a lil myself when reading this.


    Can't see drive herself to school?!?! In rural Canada they do :)