Thursday, April 23, 2009

Del Mar: The Poor Man's Corona

My Great Love is drunk and blogging. I love her. If there's anything coherent in her post, I'll link it tomorrow.

She sent me to the store for more beer while humming a certain Jimmy Buffet diddy. Can anyone guess which one?:)


  1. where's my beer!??!

  2. Leave it to Jude, our resident "dessert" expert to get this little pop quiz question! In her honor, I'll be posting this charming tune on the Soundtrack. Enjoy!

  3. OF Course! Like minds think a like. I knew it wouldn't have been the hamburger song ;)

    That's 2 for 2, for me ya know...goldfish & song.

    It's BIG DESSERT Night here tonight, hope we don't keep you awake.

  4. No post so I guess nothing coherent. Some faults are liberating.
    I came upon your blog because an older woman I "taught" about blogging keeps sending me blogs with my same background template telling me they are like mine :-). ~Mary