Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss-Informed California

Let me just go on and get this out of my system, "What in the fuck is she talking about?"

OK, I'm ready to be rational now. I know about "Opposite Marriage." I was in one for 5 years. Miss California may be surprised to hear that my "Same Marriage" is far more supportive, healthy, fulfilling, enriching, joyful and "right" than my "Opposite Marriage" was and ever had the chance to be. I hope that she, in her Sameness finds joy and that she shuts her stupid collogen pie hole about mine.


  1. and she probably spent weeks rehearsing her imbecilic answer ....

  2. she was so afraid of getting "that" question too....fck her! (sorry Windy) but geezzzz why not just tell the 11 year olds that are committing suicide right and left that their lives aren't worth a crap.

    on a positive note, Joe Solomoneses prez of HRC has invited the pie hole to a get together with him and an opposite family (2 lez and kids) so she can see first hand how not having marriage equality affects a family. let's see if she takes him up on the offer.

  3. correction to prev's Geoff Kors requesting a meeting, not Joe....i got my twitters mixed up. :)

  4. She answered waaaaaaaaay too quickly. REHEARSED. And what the hell is "Opposite Marriage?" HAHAHAHAHAHA.. I'm gonna start using that term ALL the time...

  5. I found her language telling. She says "we live in a land where we can choose what kind of marriage" (the whole opposite thing notwithstanding, l think that's been adequately battered, with good cause) - but this is obviously is not the case, as Mr Perez just stated, VT was state #4 - 4 out of 50+ can choose. Math skills aside, that is not 'the (whole) land.'

    Then she goes on to say, "In MY country, in MY family," - separating it from wherever else the rest of us are living, and insinuating perhaps that her family is a country unto itself (maybe that is the Republic of Bob l keep seeing in NorCal on my way to OR) "l think that l believe that..." -more emotional confusion - "marriage should be between a man and a woman, cause that's how l was raised..."
    which is scary indeed, not only to know that people this young still aren't thinking for themselves, the causes of which are many, but less so does she realise that is something ALL people can fall back on, the Nazis and the Kurds, the Good Ol Boys party, the degenerates who think it's ok to molest their children cuz ma an' paw done it to them, little clones of who/whatever had the luck of the draw to spawn them -- same as the excuse of 'following orders' when people in military situations do things contrary to Geneva conventions or human decency... l could go on, but why.

    And moreover, her critical thinking skills aside, she only said that she believes that it should be that way, didn't answer his secondary part as to 'why.' The 'that's what mommy and daddy said' can count, l spose, up until you are about the age...

    TO VOTE!!!