Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Go Away

As if to mirror my mood, the sky has dumped a torrent of rain on our heads today. I'm irritated with Dawn (who knew that was possible?) and our kids and the school and the world, in general. It's a day in which I shouldn't allow myself to speak.

Does this sound like PMS or what?

I love puddles, especially the ones at the curbs. After picking up the little kids from school I drove through every one I could find. I get a sick satisfaction out of the spray off of my mini-van tires. I'm pathetic, I know.


  1. Girl, get out there and stomp in those puddles!

  2. Hey Baby,
    I'm sorry.
    I love you.
    How about dinner and dancing tonight?
    Well, maybe since we have all these kids we can get chinese and watch reality TV all night snuggled up on the couch. We can roll our eyes at the Real Housewives together.

  3. Adding to your bitch ...

    When I'm at work I'm either on the phone, in a meeting, or fucking traveling. When I'm at home I'm working, traveling for fun, or visiting friends. I Have No Time.
    With that. I'm adding all my favorite blogs into my phone so I can comment from anywhere.
    I feel like a blog friend failure! Ugh!


  4. You're allowed to have days like this. And if you're going to call it PMS, then get some chocolate out of it while you're at it.