Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why do we own a shoe rack? Part II

This morning, my children were engaged in the daily race to find their shoes before Dawn picks them up shoeless and carries them to the car forcing them to wear "school shoes" when they get there. (This is one of the perks that we pay for with our plasma at the private school. If our children refuse to get dressed in the morning, we are encouraged to bring them in their pajamas. The teachers will then lead them to the bathroom, hand them some clothes and instruct them to stay there until they are properly dressed for school. I gotta tell you, each of the kids has only had to do that once.) This morning it was Storm who was hopping around in one shoe. Faith joined in the hunt in a rare show of sportsmanship. I was changing Ray's sizeable and mushy load when I heard Faith running down the hall screaming, "Storm! I found it!" She slid to a halt right at the door of the bedroom and slung the shoe right into the poop.


  1. hahahahahahahaha

    and also


    TOO funny.

  2. A softball pitcher in the making.

  3. Oh, dear lord. Any time I'm struggling with my one, I think, "Becca gets through the day with four. You can do this." It's crazy and messy and exhausting and sometimes, a whole lot of fun.

  4. I was in rebel in school, but the school your kids go to, I'm certain I would have been kicked out!