Monday, May 25, 2009

Our First Pride Weekend

They called it "The Hot Mess Marsh."

Dawn said, "If someone asked you what the opposite of gay is, wouldn't Arkansas Razorback be a not untrue answer?"

Our next tent neighbors. They had great music, of course.

Scott is Dawn's friend's husband. Not gay, but he got A LOT of attention on the beach:) I liked that he brought a cooler and a shaker.

Dykes with Kites.

The Surf was pretty high all weekend because of the storms. This guy is not gay, but he may have wanted to be by the end of the party.

Awww. Even our shoes love each other. Dawn said, "I'm on top." I said, "OK."

3 asses. It's not as good as Jude's pic of the assey surfer, but is anyone complaining?

There were only a couple of rainbow umbrellas at the beach. Just Kidding.

If you can manage it, don't look at me being decidedly un-photogenic. Check out the rub-down behind me.

For you tataphiles out there - She wanted to know if I was going to photoshop her clothes off. I said, "No, your shirt is so cute."

I believe Solo calls them "Cute Baby Dykes."

Girl with a Guitar - Carol Plunk at Peg Leg Pete's. She is rockin' good and has a huge following of like-minded ladies:)

My Great Love lost her aphrodisiac in her shoe. She laughed so hard I thought she was going to wet her pants.

We had a Great Time! Without kids, it would have been totally different, of course. More debauchery, more drunkenness, more shocking stories for you guys. We have plenty of years for that, though. So stay tuned.

We still haven't been to a Pride Parade. I really want to do that. Anyone want to fly us to wherever yours is? And put us up? And put up with us? OK. I can wait. Again, I've got plenty of time.


  1. Uh, Windy, I'd call the one on the right 'jail bait'! Thanks for the shout out!!
    Great photos!! Our Pride is next month. I found out yesterday that I'm going to be on one of the floats...underwhelming, I know. It's so HOT here that we've been having the Pride Parade AT NIGHT for the last 12 or so years.So if y'all don't mind the humidity, come on down!!

  2. love your photos!
    looks like you had a lovely time!
    super jealous that our pride festivities are not on a white sandy beach.
    lucky bitch.

  3. Awesome photos! Looks like so much fun. Oh ya'll got to get out to a parade. The one here is nice. But I'm going to NYC Pride at the end of June. Now THAT'S a parade!

  4. I'm jealous. It's another few weeks before Pride is here. Hmphft!

    Great pictures :)

  5. When I was a young'un, gay pride was in June. Historical and all that. Now Tallahassee's doing it in March, you're at some pride in May - what's up with this?