Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Enough

Well, they're not exactly President Obama or Vice-President Biden, but I'll take them. The lawyers who were on opposing sides of the 2000 Presidential Election recount case have joined forces and filed in Federal Court for marriage protection under the Federal Constitution. YEA!

I saw them on Larry King last night. I thought they were very impressive.

Any ideas on how to rally around them? Solo?


  1. I was excited to see this at first but now I have mixed emotions since most of the pro-gay marriage groups are saying going fed at this time could actually delay us getting marriage equality. No doubt, Fed is what we want but I need to hear more about why it isn't the right time.

  2. Oh, don't worry, Hon. My old brain has been workin' double time on this one. Stay tuned!

  3. Keep us posted, Jude. What did you hear?

  4. I think we only have one shot with the fed sup court and that's one of the issues..another is people feel we need to have more states on board first before we go fed....still trying to dig into it and will keep you posted.
    But I totally agree with getting full equality in the states as well as federal.
    AND...I'm still struggling with why the fuck California has to put it up to vote. So some groups are saying that if we win thru people's votes, other states will come on quicker.
    I really hate politics; but I'll keep on marching. Here, chant with me now.....

    "Obama, Obama,
    Let Momma
    Marry Momma!" and repeat it 25 times!

  5. HUGS--- feel better now. I am *zapping* you! did u feel it? ~shane