Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LOVE the Solar Panels!

*This is not where we chose to install the panel. It ended up on the roof.

It's been 4 days now. The guys said that we wouldn't be able to tell a difference - it would be just like having our regular hot water heater. They were wrong. It's so much better! First of all, the capacity of the new tank is more than double the old one so all 7 of us can bathe on the same day and run the dishwasher. That we couldn't do that before had never struck me as inconvenient - it was just a fact of our lives. After 4 short days, I'm totally spoiled. Clean kids AND clean dishes? Shut up!

The guys had to come back this morning because the inspector said they needed to extend a pipe out to blah blah blah. While they were here, Dawn asked them about a panel to offset some electricity costs. He explained it this way - Our house will use the power gained from the panels first. If we don't use all of that power, Gulf Power, the electric company will give us credit. So actually, while the sun is shining, our neighbors are also running off of our panels. We are basically selling our power to the power company.

As Dawn explained this to me, I got a goofy grin. She actually had to stop talking and lean down to kiss me quickly before continuing. You see, she's my panel. She makes more than enough energy and good vibes, so she powers me also. I am her lucky duck neighbor.

You all have permission to throw up now.


  1. Aaaawwwww

    No puking, just smiling.

    And laughed outloud at this line: "Clean kids AND clean dishes? Shut up!"

  2. frickin cool! and you can hopefully keep clean ice cubes from now on also...:)

  3. You two are just too cute.

  4. Heat is good. It can power all sorts of things.

  5. Hot damn! You are lucky! Clean dishes and clean kids?! ;)
    And I personally lovehearing your sappy stories. Love is grand!

  6. Okay. Tell Dawn to send me the damn Portugese translation cuz BB is emailing me and I haven't got a clue what she's talking about! My Espanol is not compensating!

    If Ozzie and Harriet had been lesbians, they'd have been you guys! (Whadda ya mean Who's Ozzie and Harriet???)

  7. Awww .. so sweet! *wink*

    Lovin' the solar panels

  8. I like the whole idea that your neighbors will be buying lesbian electricity. Think they'll know the difference? baahahaha