Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Spider Lilies Came Out Today

We woke up late, of course. Dawn and Storm scurried out the door. I exchanged jam pants for jeans, decided my jam shirt was passable and rushed the 3 little ones through breakfast. While we waited for Dawn to return to take them to school, William gave us a tour of our yard. The okra and cherry tomatoes are coming along beautifully. The peach trumpet that he lovingly tends has been feast for a Very Hungry Caterpillar, I think. He doesn't seem phased by it. And then. And then. The Spider Lilies. Our yard is covered in these wild lilies. We love them so much that we don't mow and risk the wrath of Mr. & Mrs. Snooty Pants across the street who have a tendency to call the yard cops. A ticket is worth getting to see these beauties climb up anything they can find and bloom, bloom, bloom.

Dawn says that I'm just like them - hanging all my really important parts out in the world, unprotected. I love her.

It got me thinking about Sissy. She is very big and beautiful and smart in her own way. And whether or not the folks continue to block my access to her, she will surely grab hold of something and pull herself up and bloom, bloom, bloom. My own little Spider Lily.

Go to my Soundtrack and hear the song I chose for the day. "You have to fall down to mend."

Thank you to those of you who took time to push some much needed goodness my way. Keep thinking of me and Sissy, the newest member of the club.


  1. That's really beautiful. "My own little Spider Lily." Indeed wishing you and her the best of the best through this time.

  2. Oh, that spider lily is beautiful!

    And I'm sending Sissy all the good energy that I can muster. It sounds like you're both up against a lot with your family. Thinking of you both.

  3. Lots of love, hugs and positive energy from me to y'all. Good things happen to good people, so you're in for a great life, as is everyone you love.

  4. I love spider lilies. I also love that you've equated them with your sister. I hope she'll find her way. She's such a sweet girl. I hope your parents will come to their senses. I wouldn't have wished their treatment on you, let alone a girl who's still in her teens and hasn't had to deal with nearly as much crap as you did.

    Gah, do you know how hard it is to just refer to people without using their names?! Of course you do. If you need to talk, you know where I am.

  5. Fuck, the tulips are barely up here.
    Take your Florida weather and shove it!

  6. My cherry tomatoes are just beginning to get ripe! It starts so slowly, but in a couple weeks it will be hard to keep up with picking them!

    I have yet to sprout a single okra!