Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sean Penn spoke of the shame that will haunt the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who support Prop 8. I think of the grandchildren of Sen. McCarthy and Gov. Wallace and cannot imagine the embarrassment and stigma that they must live with everyday. And I wonder if the 6 who voted to uphold Prop Hate will find their names in History books listed with these infamous separatists.

AJ was right when she wrote that the Civil Rights movement needed a champion in the highest office in this land. It could never have been left to the voters. (I'm from Mississippi, remember? The state that didn't ratify the 14th Amendment until 1995.)

I'm ready for a national champion to step forward on this long over-due matter. Then-Senator Biden railed against same-sex discrimination in his debate with Governor Palin. Then-Senator Obama called for at least a compromise to assure hospital visitation and benefits in his acceptance speech for the nomination. COME ON! Stop hiding behind "Marriage is a matter for the states to decide" and start leading "This is America! Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! And I am the President for all people and will take it on my own shoulders to guarantee that all people will be treated equally! Until everyone is free, no one is." This is, after all, a Civil Rights matter.

I always get overly dramatic when I'm feeling sassy. My thoughts aren't entirely coherent. Forgive me. I'm just so sad.


  1. I have so much anger surrounding this issue. I try to come from a place of love and compassion but it's hard when such ignorance and intolerance persists.

  2. I thought that one girl had the longest butt crack that I've ever seen. Close up, I saw it was a TAT...but still.

    That looks like snot on the sandal!

    Good fun is a guarantee with Pride.

    Come to San Diego! Big parade here and guess what....I'm going to be in it big time, riding a convertible, (company got an award this year), waving my Dyke wave. But you could watch! Really!

  3. You need to go to an ENT if that's what your snot looks like:)

  4. Well put, windy.
    Ugh. I'm so sad. Feeling so defeated.
    Tears keep brimming my eyes all day.

  5. Overly dramatic? Hardly, my Dear. Keep that anger in the pit of your stomach. I am mulling over a couple of ideas that we, as Bloggers and Gay people, could start right here. Perhaps WE could change a few things.
    You probably don't realize that I am an old hippie and Feminist. I marched back in the day, burned my bra, wore peace beads, attended rallies, participated in sit-in's and voted Democratic my whole life. It's going to be up to your Generation to keep the doors that we forced open, from being slammed shut.
    "Until everyone is free, no one is free." That's precisely IT!! I fought for that very Civil Rights issue 36 years ago.

    I'm ready for Round 2, if you are.

  6. Solo - I'm ready. Tell me what to do.

  7. I second Windy's notion!!!

  8. I agree with Solo! You weren't at all being overly dramatic.

    And Solo-I'm ready too. Let's do this. I'm all ears!