Monday, March 9, 2009

Boring, boring, boring!

In typical Dawn fashion, she has managed to turn this situation with her fanatic "friend" into some sort of "Come to Jesus" meeting. Both have confessed to allowing their friendship to falter and not doing their bests to be a part of each other's lives. Promises to do better and visit more and send more cards. Blah, blah, blah.

I feel a little cheated. I was revving up for a showdown. I wanted scripture slinging. I wanted heated policy debate with words that I don't understand. I wanted a cat-fight, Damnit!

Alas, my lovely peaceful Dawn surprises me again. I don't know why it still surprises me when she does the exact perfect thing, the thing that would never have occurred to me if I were chained in a think tank for a year and a half.

So now I guess I need to ready myself for Betsy's visit. If she comes over Memorial Day weekend and ruins my pride fest, well, we may get a cat-fight after all.


  1. Sometimes people have to agree to disagree but that's not as much fun as a big debate or cat-fight. Just don't let anyone rain on your parade or Pride Fest.

  2. Cat fight and Pride always go together. Ex's with other Ex's and cheaters with soon to be Ex's. Fuck yeah! I love pride.

    I'll cat fight with you ... what we fighting about again?

  3. You are so crazy, Dawg! Leave your fighting up there in the tundra. Beaches are for lovers!

  4. You're hilarious! Hey, Baby, If you need a cat-fight I bet we can stir one up.

  5. Wait who's Betsy? I'M coming for Memorial Day Weekend! I do not play well with others. What are you talking about?