Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today is a day when Baby Ray wants the guy simultaneously in the car and out of the car. He's hungry and pissed off at the Cheerios. He wants to go outside but hates his shoes. It's a day when I wonder just how much Benadryl qualifies as child abuse. Pulling my eyebrows out -


  1. way back when I was a kid.. My parents and my aunt and uncle used to give us a dabble of nyquil when we were all camping. Just enough to make us go to sleep so they could enjoy adult time. They referred to it as "camp syrup" LOL
    My mom finds it hilarius that I remember that.
    Hope you survive today!

  2. Oh boy, sounds like you have your work cut out for you today. Got any of that bad tasting Nyquil shit that Lesbo is referring too? You might need a shot of it!

  3. Fuck that .. add whiskey to his drink and yours too!