Thursday, March 19, 2009


We have something of a zoo at our house. Here's the rundown. Gabby is a 75 lb. chow-lab mix. She's big and black and barks at everything bigger than a butterfly. She scares the shit out of delivery men, the mailman, and once a pair of policemen who made the mistake of jumping our fence in pursuit of a bad guy. We love her.
Yoda Marie is a 15 lb cat. She's almost 12 years old and has been with me since college. She has literally licked tears off my face. When she passes, I'll have to be locked up for a while, I'm sure.
Rocket is a little black and white cat. He ran in the front door right after we moved in. He was only a few weeks old and so little that I couldn't find him for days and days. He finally emerged and chose to stay.
Lulu and Opal are cockatiels. I gave them to Dawn for our first Christmas in our new house. The guy I got them from was a breeder and told me they were sisters. However, after their first molt, they were clearly brothers. So now we call them Lou and Opie.

There are 4 fish tanks. I won't bore you with the sordid history of the fish. Suffice it to say that the fish are plenty and my kids know that the potty is the gateway to fishy heaven.

My ex-husband gets a kick out of telling people that his ex-wife is a lesbian with a man-hating dog and transgendered birds.


  1. You've got me beat, though I am running close with 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 parakeet and 1 Dad. I put my foot down though when R wanted to add fish into the family. I still haven't gotten over when "goldie" had to be flushed.

  2. Oh, I think the birds have it right!
    Never too late to be your true self!
    And you get to find out who your friends are when you decide to switch it up a bit =o)

    Or the fish... who knows about them? Maybe they have it best... it's for them to know, and ... whoever cares enough to find out.

    Sounds like the animals know who they are... if only us over-thinking, arbitrarily-moralistic humans could take a lesson from them.

  3. Thx for joining my Posse! I love your post (and would join in the discussion about pets if I had any) and I am definitely a sucker for Golden Retrievers.
    I've added you to my list as well and look forward to visiting here.

  4. I remember when I flushed my "dead" goldfish down the toilet only to see him come back to life when the swirly of the water got real rough. This is when I first learned of dropsy.

    PARENTS: Seriously, make sure the fish is dead-dead, not just dead-looking.

  5. That's pretty funny, especially the transgendered birds. In my college dorm, I had a cat named Queen Elizabeth who turned out to be a guy so we changed his name to King Elizabeth.

    When I was a single mom, I took in abused and abandoned animals. We had three horses, a gray wolf, several large dogs, many cats and creatures in tanks.

    Most remarkably, everyone lived together peacefully.

  6. We have a zoo here too with 2 dogs, 2 of my cats and 6 fish...J brought her 4 cats when she came along bringing that number to 6 and I have 5 fosters right now. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about all that! lol

  7. 3 dogs, 1 cat, and her cat. That's our Zoo.

    Can we get the rest of the picture of your "D" from Dawn? Huh huh, can we?!?!


  8. Thanks for following! I've been enjoying reading your latest posts this morning. I'm hooked!