Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conversation On The Way Home From School

William: What does a purple flag mean? Purple flag at beach?

Me: It means there are dangerous animals in the water.

William: Like jellyfish.

Me: Yes.

William: And stingrays.

Me: That's right.

William: And dragons.

Me: Dragons?

Faith: Yes. Some people believe there are dragons and monsters in the sea, but I don't.

William: Well, I do.

Ray: Roaaaaaaaaarrrrr!


  1. There are monsters in the sea. Humans just haven't found them yet :)

  2. My daughter's favorite animal once upon a time was fish (any fish) and she refused to eat tuna fish. Then we showed her the can with the "Chicken of the Sea" label.

    "So, it's a chicken?"
    "Mmmm! I like tuna. It's yummy!"

    Tell your kids there are chickens in the sea, too.