Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dennis Tower

Just when I thought my little throw-up boy had drifted off to sleep and I could sneak out, he raised his little head and said, "Will you get Dawn? I want her tell me a Dennis Tower. And can it be about horses?" I assured him I would find her.

Dennis Tower is a figment of Dawn's imagination. He resembles Dennis the Menace in demeanor and our Baby Ray in appearence (both have hair like the sun). His most recent exploit involved a gift horse that followed Dennis around all summer.

The love of my life is telling a story to the first baby that I grew in my body. He's sick; and he asked for her. I'm crying big tears of joy and gratitude.

Good Night.


  1. Oh honeys!!

    I think there is something going around... like little Martians are toying with all of us pee wees down here on earth... I have had one of the worst weeks myself, so let's just heave a big SIGH and know we have each other... even if long-distance!!!

    many many hugs your way!!