Friday, July 3, 2009

24 Hours & 48 Minutes Late

for Thursday's Treasures. Today it's easy.

1. Propane Amy - While we got off the pot, you shat. And that's cool.

2. Randi - She can sing. And she's going to sing this song at MY wedding. When Florida gets its shit together. Wanna come?

3. Stem cells. They, with a capital "T" AND those that fall in the lowercase category, thought I was insane when I insisted on shelling out the bucks for the banking of my son's stem cells.

4. I can read. And write. Turn on PBS or NPR. It'll only take a few minutes for those of you with a vagina to realize just how fortunate you are. (Honestly, do ANY men read this?)

5. That lamp. The one over there. I bought it for my new house, this house. My mother hates it and keeps sending me replacements. But I LOVE it. And it's mine.


  1. I SO want to come to your wedding.

  2. Wow. I've never been called a treasure before. *blushing* Thank You, B. But in all honesty, i think it's Refocksa that's the true treasure.

  3. I wish Florida would come on with it and let us be. You think we should ask Jude to be our flower girl?

  4. I read it. I'm also a notary in Florida and can't wait for perform gay weddings when called upon to do so.

  5. Thanks, DG, for being my one and only boyfriend. Your Momma will be so proud!

    Dawn and I were just talking last night about who we want to officiate our ceremony. We'll put you on the short list, Sweet Man:)

  6. wow, I didn't know one could store away stems... and good for you, maybe you could sell those other lamps... or use them in some really fantastic chimes! Bet you'd have just an eensy weensy bit of fun breaking them apart for pieces...

    and you'd better damn well invite me to your wedding (presents!! presents!!) ;o)~