Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't It Make My Blue Eyes Green

Sorry about the darkness. This is the best version I found on YouTube. Our friend Randi introduced us to this song this weekend. I LOVE IT! It doesn't hurt my love of it that Dawn and I have an ongoing debate about whether her eyes are blue or green. I maintain that she doesn't really get a vote because she's colorblind. She insists that there is no way that everyone has been lying to her her entire life. To which I reply that no one knows her truths like I do. So Shut Up - They're GREEN!


  1. Yea Dawn, they're GREEN!

  2. I knew you'd love that song.

    I'd weigh in on the debate, but I haven't looked deep into Dawn's eyes. I was afraid you might smack me for being all up on your woman and shizz.

  3. The slapping sound on the video just drove me crazy...the Wife better be in a happy mood tonight.

    Oh, but the eyes, yes they're green, very green.

  4. I didn't get that you were being lusty until I read it out loud to Dawn. And then I had to blush.

  5. i am in love with them.... can they come out with a cd. i would seriously buy it!!!

  6. That was awesome! I really like that song, I must say.

    When I was a kid my eyes were blue, and then some time around 9 they turned green. Maybe something similar happened with Dawn, hence the confusion.

    Some of my aunts and uncles still refer to me as "blue-eyed", just because they remember my younger years.

    Post a picture and let us decide?