Friday, July 10, 2009

Enormous Acts

Dawn: It seems like the world just kind of came together for you this afternoon.

Me: (Big Smiles) Yeah.

Dawn: In Norma Sax.

Me: (Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. Furrowing my brow.) What?

Dawn: Norma Sax. The lady who helped you.

Me: (Big Smiles) I thought you said Enormous Acts.

Dawn: I guess in a way, I did.

Me: How cool is that?

These are available at Fairy Wings and Things. Pretty Cool, right?

So what had happened was . . . I spent most of yesterday on the phone and the internet, trying my damnedest to get the impossible accomplished from the clear other corner of the good ol' U S of A. I finally found a courier service willing to help me. I spoke to every Halloween Outlet, costume store, hippie hangout and head shop that Portland, Oregon has to offer. What I thought would be the easiest part turned out to be the thing that brought my illustrious plan crashing to the floor. Les wouldn't come off her address. She finally unwillingly and with much trepidation gave Propane a P.O. Box address. Damn it! I CANNOT have Wings delivered to a P.O. Box.

So I gave up for a while. And stewed and stirred. And thought and thought.

Then, Ta Da!, I found the actual website for the actual Hippie Fest that she will be attending. I called and left a message on the office's voicemail. They probably weren't busy at all yesterday, the day before a 3 day festival. So I also sent an email. A stodgy gentleman called back and said that he didn't understand my request at all. His best advice was for me to come to the festival myself. Great. Thank you.

Then I got an email from the office, from a Ms. Norma Sax, also encouraging me to attend the festival. I wrote right back to her :

I live in Florida. I won't be at the festival. I was hoping to call one of the vendors tonight, pay them and have my friend go by the booth and pick them up. You see, she's just recently had a terrible break-up and move-out couple of days. She told me she was going to your festival and wished that she had wings to wear. I was hoping to put a smile on her tear-stained face.

Please, could you give me the name/number/website of a likely vendor? Thank you.

About an hour later, the phone rang. Oregon. BINGO! The caller identified herself as Norma Sax, the office manger for the Oregon Country Fair. She said that she was standing at the festival with a vendor named Carol who had the most beautiful wings that she had ever seen. At this point, I was expecting problems, so I wasn't surprised when she said "The only problem is that she doesn't accept credit cards over the phone." I was too close to be deterred. "What do you suggest?" I said.

And then, my friends, the sky opened, the clouds parted, the migratory paths of the North American birds may have been altered as the planets aligned in this perfect moment in which this angel of a human being said, "I was so touched by your story that I have written Carol a check for you. You can just send one to the Country Fair Office to pay me back." An Enormous Act of kindness and trust and goodness and faith.

Woooooo Hoooooo! Mission Completed!

So then I emailed Les.

So about that Hippie Fest. . . I am InSanEly jealous! Like, the Green-Eyed Monster Jealous! Since I can't be there with you, do something for me - Will you? Go see Carol at booth number 402. Tell her your name is (sorry, you'll have to wait for Les to reveal this). She has something for you. Then give her a hug. And have a fabulous day. Chin up, Angel! FLY! With much love and great hope - Becca

So now I'm waiting. Impatiently.



  1. That was such a sweet thing for you to do. You're a very good friend.

  2. Oh my god, you are a truly amazingly thoughtful friend.

  3. You are the most wonderful person I have ever met. To be able to meet you in person is surely my very own special honor. When you called me yesterday and told me everything you were trying to do, I almost cried ( I don't admit this lightly). It was truly a really cool thing to do. Lesbo will be flying higher than anybody on earth. You are a true Gem.

    **Hugs** Like a REALLY big hug

  4. this is why I love this group of people! way to restore faith in human kindness!

  5. She's gonna cry! and then she's going to have the best day wearing those special wings.

    Sweet,sweet Becca. You are amazing!

  6. That is a beautiful story. Absolutely. All the way around. I toast to you, Ms. Windy Days, the best of friends!

  7. Wow, if only I was still in Portland...

    I could have been privy to/witnessed/helped in this great undertaking.

    Kudos for not accepting no for an answer.

    Propane Ames, you are loved!

  8. Uh,a Porsche 911 would certainly lift MY spirits...I'm just sayin'.

    You are a beautiful, generous Soul, and we are all better people because we know you.

    Les may use those wings to fly to FloRida to hug you in person!

  9. That's the coolest story I've heard in a long time!! What a sweet thing to do!

  10. OK, everybody. Stop, stop. I didn't mean for this to be a story about how cool I am. It's supposed to be a story about the amazing kindness of strangers. The hero of this story is Norma Sax. I kind of feel like a shitbag actually because it sounded like I was tooting my own horn. *Sigh*

    Where in the hell is Les!? :)

  11. Yes Norma Sax came through with flying colors. It was kinda like a pay it forward act of kindness that started with you. You're not tootin, you just told the story and I still think you're like sweet tea.

  12. ohmygod. I am speechless.
    this is probably one of the most amazing things anyone has ever done for me!
    thank you b, and all the others who were involved in this huge act of kindness. I can't wait to blog about it later today!
    I was flying alllll day :)
    love you mucho!

  13. i just want to make sure this is ok: wearing my wings at a BBQ and drinking vodka+lemonade..? even fairies like vodka, right?!

  14. Hells Yeah! Everyone in their right mind likes vodka. Drink up, my little Sprite! :)

  15. Windy,
    This story brought tears to my eyes. I know this story isn't suppose to be about how cool you are but you are. Norma and you went out of your way to make someone who is going through so much smile. Amazing story in my opinion you both rock.

  16. I'm not sure I like vodka. Did I just lose points in the friend wagon?? LOL

  17. phew! glad we're in agreeance on that.

  18. Lesbo - fairies love vodka!

    Awesome story with awesome women...I haer no tooting of the horn here. Just an amazing friend that got some help from another amazing person to make someone's day. We should all have more of this in our daily lives!

  19. That was such a beautiful thing to do! It brought tears to my eyes.