Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday's Treasures - If it weren't for you . . .

It's a strange day to be making a list of things that make me feel rich. I'd like to make a deeply philosophical observation about just how apropos that is, but I'm too tired.

1. Maureen - you said, No! Not on Refocksa's watch!

And I love you.

2. Propane - you said, You're covered.

And I love you.

3. Michelle - you said, I don't have a word of wisdom. That sucks. It really sucks.

And I love you.

4. Ms. Moon - you email me and tell me that I'm full of shit and you send me to Michelle for guidance. And you're in Cozumel being beautiful and happy and fabulous.

And I love you.

5. And Margo. Margo. Regardless of what happens I will always be the richest of the richest for being able to stand beside you everyday.

And I adore you.



  1. :) chin up girls!!

    check ur e-mail! :)

  2. You are loved.

    check Margo's email! :)

  3. Hey Baby, I love you.
    All ways and

  4. Hey! We have the same birthday!!
    Glad you're feeling rich today.
    So am I.

  5. I would never tell you you're full of shit. Never!