Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Friend Propane

So what had happened was . . . I commented on Propane's post about her 4th. I asked her how hot it is up there. A few minutes later my phone rang. The Caller ID said "Cell Phone MN." I expected it to be our friend Hannah. When I answered a robotic voice said, "You have a text to land line message. Press 1 to hear your message." I got a little panicky. I had mental images of Hannah trapped under something heavy, unable to breathe or speak, her thumbs her only chance of survival. What I heard instead was the same robotic voice saying something like,

"Contrary to popular belief, it does get pretty hot up here. Up to 85 in the day and only down to 65 at night so walking around town last night was really nice." There was more but I was laughing so hard by this point that I didn't hear anything else until the she-robot, in perfect monotone said, "Laughing out loud."

I was still hysterical when Propane called just a few seconds later also laughing hysterically. She had no idea that I had given her my home number.

By the way, anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of hearing her sweet voice should pass your digits along.

Can't wait to talk to you again, Amy. AND I really can't wait to see you!


  1. LMFAO!!! Leave it to you to blog about it!! We NEED to get that recorded!! Oh. My. God. That was AWESOME!! Apparently my text to landline is a courtesy of Sprint. Who Knew??!! LOL

    It was a pleasure to talk to you as well. We'll have to do it again soon.... BUT only after I send you a text message again. That was PRICELESS. San Diego is gonna be a GREAT time. I'm so stoked, you have no idea.

    And thanks for the compliment...LOL.. I never thought my voice was... sweet?

  2. Text to landline? I had no idea that existed.

  3. We should all call windy and have her assess our voices .. you know .. who could be a 900 operator, etc :)

  4. We can have that contest in October, Dawg. But I'm willing to bet that your "eh?" isn't gonna make the 900 operator cut. Maybe you can be a cab dispatcher:)

  5. haha.
    amis called me right after your talk to tell me all about it.
    you crazy girls.

  6. LOL.
    (That is the first time I have ever used that phrase. Really.)

  7. Wait. I just read your banner quote.
    Oh dear me.
    Honey. I love you.