Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Refocksa Shops and Grows and What Else?!

T-Shirts? Were you guys being serious? Shane and I talked a very tiny bit about it. She is willing to allow me to operate a small on-line shop, just for us to have T-shirts, Sweatshirts, stickers, mugs, thongs, whatever we decide on with our beloved Refocksa logo.

What do you guys think? Tell me what items you would be interested in having and I'll do some research and pricing around.

If it goes well, we could have a different design every quarter, maybe. Like AJ's/Jude's "How Many More Signs Do We Have To Make?" or Softball shirts with our Blog names on the back and the logo on the front.

Ideas! Ideas!

An image, an avatar, a t-shirt may be just the beginning. I really feel strangely strongly passionate about this energy that we have here. Like maybe we can really do something big together.

Am I the only one who feels like Refocksa is taking on a life of its own? Like its actually bigger than all of us who wandered into it and finally after aging most gracefully for millenia has been named by the lucky few to find her? And we are now entrusted to do the greatest good through her? Am I a total whack-job or just the first to say it outloud, so to speak. Or write, as the case turns out to be.


  1. I think your idea is SUPER! I'd like Mine to have the Refocksa logo and beneath it, "Houston Texas Chapter".. Ta Da!!! I agree that the closeness we've developed is not usual and why not channel it into something productive!

    Dude.....I SO feel a new Documentary project coming on!!!! Oh, yeah. This is gonna be good.

  2. Ok, I am a bit in the dark - blog about the history of Refocksa please so I can be enlightened. :)

  3. jude- drok. that is so why i love you.
    solo- sweet idea!! docu docu!!

    we could go national...!!!!!

    like pinky/brain says "we can take over the world" ZORT!!!

  4. I wish I could have one in time to wear it to Michfest!

    It is an amazing idea. You're right. Something is happening.

  5. How the hell can I become apart of this Refocksa? I already feel like I am but I don't have no cool shit on the side of my blog! I'm taking this matter up with Shane!!

  6. Yes, WD. Please explain about Refocksa. I know nothing!

  7. i want a shirt!
    i'd rock that!

  8. Um, I have a question - all the straight chicks are asking about Refocksa. But we're not letting them in right? No offense Gina and Lemon - I totally love you guys.
    It's just that it feels like we were born with the knowledge of Refocksa and if you have to ask, well then....
    Jen, you're in, talk to Shane.

    (Windy is chuckling behind me as I write)

  9. Hey Margo - remember we all fight for equality ... let me in damn it :)

  10. I like the T-shirt idea and the mugs, and the stickers, and whatever else. Heyyyy, how about address labels?? LOL

  11. I think you should print up bumper stickers that say "Refocksa: It's a chick thing"

  12. I want a tshirt, thong, sticker. Hottie wants everything (typical eh?).

    I love the idea!