Friday, August 28, 2009

Debilitated, Damn it

I have hurt my back. I'm not sure how badly yet, we'll see. When we got home from picking up the kids from school, Dawn parked on the street and hopped out and ran into the house because she had to poop. The 3 little kids and I were left to carry in a few odds and ends. I'm in charge of the Scholastic Book Orders for Ray's classroom which involves putting together fliers which are bundled in big blocks. While simultaneously trying to keep the kids out of the street and gather the bundles and the small bag of groceries, I heard and felt something pop. Pain, immediately. I sort of collapsed onto the car seat and told Faith and William to go and get Dawn right now.

Several minutes of pretty severe pain later and still no Dawn, I managed to find one of the cell phones on the floor of the car. I called the house. She was laughing when she answered, "Yes?" She came running. She carried me into the house which is no fall feat considering that our driveway has a pretty substantial slope and there are several steps up to the porch and then several steps down into the den. She said she never saw Faith, and William came in singing, "It's a Small World." Thank God for Cell Phones.

So now I'm confined to the bed. Dawn is very sweet to me. She's got me set up with the laptop and has even gotten it rigged up so it's not burning the skin off of my legs. She changes out my ice packs regularly. And when I threaten to get up and help with the nighttime routine, she reminds me that she has to go to work tomorrow and that I HAVE to rest and get better or the children will burn the place down in the morning and I'll have a hard time getting myself out a window to escape. sigh.

I HATE being immobile and useless.

She's been giving me regular updates on the kids, the hysterical kids. She said William left his shoes right in the middle of the kitchen floor. When she asked him to pick them up, he said, "OK, as soon as you give me some cash." What the hell?

Ray comes in to check on me and put his little chicken head on me. A few minutes ago, he came in with chocolate in the corners of his mouth. I asked him if he had cookies for dessert. He said, "Yep. All done. My mouf" and then opened up to show me the Oreos ground into his precious teeth. Lord, how I love this baby.

I can hear the kids running up and down the hallway. Sometimes I can figure out the gists of their games. Sometimes I just catch a few words, "Charge!" and "You're under arrest!" Lord, how I love these kids.

It's strange to experience my life from behind a door.



  1. omg woman..I'm really glad you're ok, (well ok as a back injury can be).. :( see if Dawn can get you some's HEAVEN on back muscles and it really works.

  2. Oh honey!!. I was gonna call you guys tonight. Good thing I thought better of it. Rest pretty girl. And if you wanna chat.... you know where to find me.

  3. I've been a hobbler due to back pain since a gymnastics injury 16 years ago! I know how awful you must feel, you poor thing!!!! However, take advantage of the fact that you have free nursing available (better known as your children). When I'm down for the count, I recruit Elle for the simple tasks like getting me a drink of water, helping me out of bed, and doing my hair (a girl's gotta feel pretty no matter what). You know what's also great? Your oldest is probably the perfect height to use as a walking support stick!!!

    Good luck - as I'm not quite sure what you should do with the other 3 kids.

  4. Oh baby. Get to a chiropractor. A good one. And rest. Yes. Ice too. Stress is very real and can fuck you up.

  5. Zowie, Girl!! Sure hope that 'pop' wasn't serious and that you get better pdq!

  6. holy hannah!
    i hope you are ok. back injuries are bad news bears.
    i think they say to alternate between hot and cold on the pain. try some heat.
    i wish i was closer to help you with your babies tomorrow.

    sending all my loves.

  7. I am home tomorrow if you need me to come give you a hand or a heating pad :)

  8. take care of yourself!!!! hope this is a quick recovery.!
    your woman and you could PLAY nurse/patient.... hee hee

  9. Oof. I have done that more than once. The worst was when Nate was several months old. I still have no idea how I managed to pick him up and go put him in his crib for a nap.

    I'd say I hope you're feeling better soon, but I saw that you updated already!

  10. Yikes, that sucks. Back pains are horriable. Hope you feel better soon!