Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Tide Pool Pictures

Margo takes beautiful pictures. I wish on everything holy that she would do something with this talent, something that makes money, I mean. She's especially good with children. She can get kids to make the perfect face. I also wish I felt more comfortable with showing you examples of those perfect faces but, alas we don't live in a perfect world.

When she posted pictures from the tide pool (speaking of perfect), she left out some of my favorites.
I swear Ray is one of the funniest people that has ever stomped this planet.


  1. Great Pictures! And Ray is so cute with only one shoe as he stands there looking at the one he left behind. I can't wait to meet these kids!!

  2. Dog Island is like that at low tide- so many secrets to see when the water-cover is gone.

  3. omg-
    those kids are looks like they are in a dinasaur footprint...second one down..
    what are you holding? rock, creature?

    i laughed so hard at ray... FUNNY

  4. so cute!
    look at ray--hahaha! love it!
    um.. maybe someplace more PERSONAL you could show us those cute faces??

  5. gorgeous. maybe she should print some photos and set up a booth at a farmer's market?

  6. p.s. i love your new picture of your cute self!

  7. How great is that picture with the one sandal? That is a great photo!

  8. Those are great pics, Love the top one, my son would love that!

  9. Yes, Shane, rock creature. Also known as an oyster.