Saturday, August 8, 2009

Red Letter Day

I wrote to Jude and asked her what she construed as a dumb question. She wrote back to me in Red Letters, as if for emphasis or to say, "Hi. We've already covered this. Keep up, Becca."

Does anyone else find this snippy?

Does she have a mean case of the crotch rot going on? Did Dawg get a hold of her toothbrush? Has Deliverance Man moved in next door? Maybe she is worried that we're going to spend the entire San Diego trip listening to a few resident horn dogs get it on. Trust me, I'm sweating it, too.

What's going on, Sweetie? Perk up or I'll start writing to you in Pink and Purple:)


  1. LMFAO!!!! Oh. My. God. And this is why I love you!! And I have NO idea WHAT you are talking ABOUT!! I promise you won't go thru that. But you might want to bring ear plugs for sleeping!!! HAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Smile pretty girl. Propane loves you

  2. ahem.
    who you callin' horn dogs?!

  3. now I'm not feeling so shitty about not being there....lmao!! and remember, there's no stupid questions, only stupid people.

    at least that's what I read on a t-shirt one time :)

  4. ahem, it was RED BOLD letters...and no to all, I don't have a case of the snitts...and you SHOULD be sweating it with TWO (think red bold here) pairs of horn dogs in the house.

    Don't forget to pack extra strength Secret roll-on and industrial ear plugs.


  5. I'm suddenly feeling very prudish. And I don't like it. And now I'm even more scared that I've started something and you 4 are going to be trying to outdo the other couple.

    Whatev - Dawn and I will be at the game:)

  6. ok... so lost on all of this. sigh.

  7. Hey Pretty Girl..... Cool your britches. You're getting yourself all worked up for nothing. It's gonna be a fun filled weekend. No worries. No sleepless nights. We will come up for plenty of air.....LOL I promise.

  8. and all i can do here is giggle...

  9. Buy the industrial ear plugs ... or kick them out on the beach ... or spread a rumor that Amy has crabs (whichever works best).

    And Becca ... keep up damnit!

  10. LMFAOROFL @ Dawg!!!!

    And why does the count down seem to be stuck on 52 days?? Or is it just me??

  11. dawg--omg?! she does?! how'd YOU find that out?!
    great.... now i'm sleeping in the twin bed. alone!