Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Hidden Talent

I can't video my Hidden Talent, but I think the stills will suffice.
Lots of people can do this, right?

But can you do this?

My wife loves me, too.
Thanks, Kimber. This has been uberfun!


  1. OMFG!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That totally wigs me the hell out!! LMAO

  2. We are a sick bunch of women. And Kimber is the ring leader.
    I haven't laughed so much in the last ten years as I have in the past two days.
    Thanks for playing along, W.

  3. My daughter Jessie can do that, too. We used to call her Lizard when she was a baby.

  4. oh my gosh! nope...can't do that!

  5. too funny. I can't do it either. I'm sitting here at the computer trying my damnedest and breaking out in a sweat. The kids are looking at me like I have two heads...
    THAT'S my hidden talent-Mommy With Two Heads

  6. No one will ever again wonder why I'm always in a good mood.

  7. There are just way too many talented people to compete against in this game. Nope, can't do that and it's the first time I've seen that particular tongue formation. You don't need to tie a cherry stem in 11 seconds!

  8. HOORAY!!!! That is freaking awesome!!!! thanks Windy :) :) :) You rock!!!

  9. Coming from you, Jude, that is high praise!

  10. i've seen that one quite a bit but i can't even roll my tongue so no way can i do that.

    girrrrl, you got skillllz!

  11. Damn!

    That's one hell of a hidden talent!


    PS...Came over from Jude's place.

  12. Very nice, lol

    Nope, can't do that.