Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jiggity Jig

I'm home. I know, it's a little sooner than I anticipated. Dawn's going to have to tell you about that. I'm too tired.

I was only there for about 48 hours, but each one hung heavy. Madison, a northern suburb of Jackson where my mother's house is, has grown up a lot since I left there in 97, so I'm not very comfortable with getting around. All of that was to explain how I ended up at the grocery store .25 mile from my Dad's house instead of the one .25 mile from my mom's house. Honestly that one is only about 2.5 miles from my Dad's house, but every inch counts in this relationship.

I imagined myself alternately as a mouse in a maze and some sort of night-vision-goggle bespecled Special Ops recon scout type. I was armed only with my buggy, a hastily compiled list, and the intense desire to survive a.k.a get the hell out of there with everything on the list and without seeing anyone that I know, or knew as the case certainly is.

I did my dead level best to keep my head down, only lifting my eyes at the top of each aisle to check the item sign and make sure the coast was clear of familiar faces.

By the time I got back to the car and had conned a poor passerby into taking the buggy for me, I was sweating, shaking and hyperventalating. After I wove my way back to my mother's house I opened a beer, lit a cigarette and all but cursed her for forcing me back to this hell-hole of a geographic dot.

God, how I hate Mississippi!

Leave it to my Mom to alienate the last person who gives a rat's ass about her. So I got to come home today. Dawn was happy I was coming, of course. When I got here, she was waiting on the porch with a pair of beers, hanging up with Propane. She had a paint brush in her hand.

Pictures of the complete project tomorrow. If you're prone to vomiting brought on by intense sweetness, skip tomorrow's post.



  1. glad you made it back alive and in one piece!

  2. I just love you guys to no end. Welcome home pretty girl. Sit back and relax, let out a deep breath, and lean on that wonderful woman you have beside you. And when you want a smoke....call me!! LOL

  3. I'll be sure to have some insulin at the ready for tomorrow's post. I'm glad you survived, glad you made it home.

  4. glad you made it back home safe and sound....that part is all behind you now.

    cheers queer.

  5. Yes. Take a deep breath. You're home

  6. Oh, and I LOVE intense sweetness. Strong teeth and no gag reflex at all.

  7. yay!
    glad you made it home.
    hopefully you accomplished what you went for.
    58 more days, what?!

  8. Welcome home! Glad you made it back with some of your sanity intact.