Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursdays' Treasures

It's been a rocky couple of days. Lots of high highs and a few low lows. I'm pretty tired. On these days it's the little things that really count. So here's my list of the Little Things that Make Me Feel Rich.

1) A brand new fridge pack of Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. Oh, the Luxury!

2) A shared snack of chips and salsa. Faith and I looked at catalogs while we slurped and crunched. She's chosen a most horrible costume for Halloween, but she has a fabulous giggle.

3) Ray's hugs - His little chicken arms are so skinny and cool. He wraps them around my neck and squeezes, and nothing could ever be wrong in my world.

4) Curbside Recycling - The Fair City of Pensacola has finally seen fit to pick up Recyclables. I have a special bin and everything.

5) Unlimited Long-Distance - And it's really come in handy here recently:) The Circle of Love expands and unlike a balloon only gets stronger when it gets bigger. Thank Goodness.



  1. pensacola has just NOW decided on curbside recycling?
    yet another reason to move to portland... we've had it for years ;)
    and compost bins now, too!

  2. Les, there is no way that anywhere in the Deep South can compete with Portland, the hippiest of the hippiest places on Earth. Give us a little break - OK? We're so pleased with ourselves right now:)

  3. I live in a tiny village and I haul my trash and recycles to a depot place about a block away. No problem. Compost? Goes to the compost bin or the chickens. Cool? Oh yeah. We got the cool thing going on. Haha!
    Thank-you, Windy, for reminding me of my riches. Has it been raining there all day too? It's lovely but sort of...gray.

  4. We know how I recycle so I'm leaving that one alone....LMAO

    I was thinking today in my big blue truck about whether you had unlimited long distance. I'm so glad you do or we would all be screwed.... Me probably more so than others....LMAO

    And I just remembered I need to do your little Meme. I'm on it... right now.

    Love you tons Pretty Girl

  5. Amy - amend your heathen ways. And if I didn't have unlimited before, I would have gotten when we found you:)

    Yes, Ms. Moon, ALL DAY! I got to take a nap today because the kids went crazy last night and kept us up. I welcomed the rain then.

  6. The more horriable the costume, the better! I am still trying to get Shaun to do a vampire costume, not success yet. LOL