Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursdays' Treasures

I have been negligent about posting my Thankful Thursdays or Things That Make Me Feel Rich. Maybe that's why I haven't been feeling so rich here lately.

1) My children's school - School starts on Monday. I spent a good bit of yesterday in the classrooms and getting things together. I hadn't realized that I missed the people there over the summer. They are an amazing group of women who have come together with the noblest of intentions - the respectful nurturing of a child's innate curiosity. They do it with warmth, gentle and quiet words and easy smiles. This school is easily on the list of the top ten best things that has ever happened to me.

2) Tax Returns - Dawn just had her taxes done and got a whopper of a return. We were able to pay off a good bit of the yearly school bill. The monthly bill will be significantly less than last year which means that I won't be sweating so profusely on the 14th of every month.

3) Good Coffee - I make a great cup of coffee, mostly because I buy really good coffee (on sale, of course). I like thinking about the lives of the coffeepickers and wonder if they think about the lives of the coffeedrinkers and if either of us is even close to imagining the other's life as it actually is.

4) Lightning at Bedtime - Our window faces East. We lay in the darkness last night, snuggled together watching for, waiting for and ahhhhhing when the lightning struck and lit up the room. She is beautiful in lightning light.

5) Books and Children Who Love to Read - Faith and William and I have read through #14 in the Magic Tree House series this summer. Dawn has read Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary to anyone who would listen. Bedtime Stories is a most precious time of our days. I especially cherish the nights that William falls asleep next to me in the glow from the aquarium, just pages away from the end of the book.

Addendum - William has been especially loquacious this summer, as I have noted here before. He has just now said something perfect, and I had to come back and include it here. He asked Dawn if he could use the flashlight he found when we go to the beach tonight. Dawn said, "We're going to the beach tonight?" He said, "Yeah, to check on the moon."



  1. I love your treasures. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. love the William quote :) reminds me of Jordan, when he was about 4, he was laying on the floor, smelling like shampoo and animal crackers, and I was making a buzzing sound like a bee around his ears and neck and he was giggling like crazy and then I planted a soft kiss on his cheek and he grabbed my face and says "are you puttin honey on my cheek momma?"
    I. literally. lost. it. go back to those scrunchy, love the hell outta my boys days just for one more go-round...

  3. Kim - You're on a roll the last couple of days. STOP making me cry:)

  4. I want to know more about this fabulous school! sounds amazing. some friends of mine send their kids to a fabulous charter school and the community they've formed is amazing. I love being there.
    I've hear great things about the magic treehouse books from the above mentioned kids.
    love reading time with little people. love. it.

  5. I love your treasures too. You and Dawn are my treasures. Thank you both for being so great!